Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

It depends on the size of the house and how much of the house you want staged. It would be best for us to come out to your house and give you a bid so you will have an exact price for the staging.

Do we own our furniture?

We don’t own any large furniture pieces such as couches, chairs, beds, or large rugs. However, we are able to rent large pieces of furniture from a reputable company. We do own all our own accessories, artwork, lamps, and silk plants.

Is there a minimum monthly leasing time period and do I have to sign a contract?

We do require a signed contract up front and we have a 1-month minimum rental.  After that, we will prorate the monthly leasing fees based on the number of days the furniture, etc., is in the house.

Why is the first month’s costs more expensive?

The first month is more expensive because it includes the first month’s leasing fee and a one-time fee for staging and pickup and delivery of the furniture.

Do you do consultations?

Yes, we do offer consultations as part of our services.  We also offer a combined consultation/redesign service.

Do you offer redesign services using my own furniture?

Yes, we offer redesign services using your own furniture, artwork, accessories, etc.  We will make recommendations if we feel you might need to add any items to the house or remove furniture pieces or any other unnecessary items.

Will you come to my new house and help me design it?

Yes, we would be most happy to come and help you get your new house set up.  We don’t move large furniture, but we hang artwork, place accessories and make any suggestions for new items you might want to add to your home.

Do you offer personal shopping?

We are happy to assist you with any home shopping needs you may have. It can be anything from a single item to a roomful of items. For example, we can shop for accessories, artwork, rugs, and furniture. We also offer ideas on stores where you might be able to find the items yourself if you prefer to do the shopping.

I am not selling my house, but would like for you to do a redesign using my own furniture, artwork, etc., to achieve a new look. Do you provide this service?

Yes, we do redesigns even if you are not moving.